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One Heart International specializes in delivering premium ginseng products from our partner organization in Korea, ILHWA Group. Our products are great as a gift for any tea lover. Please check out some of our premium, natural ginseng products that help support healthy immune systems. Please read more about these products on our about page!

Pure Concentrated Ginseng Tea (30g)
Pure Concentrated Ginseng Tea (30g)

Pure Concentrated Ginseng Tea (30g)

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Korean Ginseng

Throughout Korean history, ginseng has had an important place in Korea culture and society as its restorative properties have been widely used.

With modern research methods today, Ginseng extract has been shown to have many health benefits, and these numerous health benefits have been recognized by many health experts. You can read more about the science and story behind ginseng on our about page

Ginseng is considered a national treasure in Korean, and IL HWA has revolutionized the technology for storage and the standards of ginsenoside-Rh2, the natural nutrient in ginseng, at its research institute.

IL HWA dominates 70% of the domestic ginseng export market, exporting ginseng products throughout thirty countries in Europe, America, Asia, Oceania and Southeast Asia.