IL HWA Ginseng Difference

Why is IL HWA ginseng the best?


When you’re looking for quality and potency in the Ginseng you buy – there is simply no other brand quite like IL HWA. This is not only a sales pitch, it is a fact. Compare IL HWA products with any other brand of Ginseng – in taste, smell and effect – you will see there is no comparison. There is a major difference between IL HWA and other brands. Only IL HWA uses whole, fresh 6 year old Korean Ginseng roots in a patented low-temperature, one-time only, extraction process to make IL HWA concentrate. No fillers or extra ingredients are added. It’s purity and potency made IL HWA as the #1 premium Ginseng brand in America.  

IL HWA is the world's best producer in terms of quality and efficacy

IL HWA has been mastering Ginseng processing for over 30 years. IL HWA uses only the finest organically grown ginseng roots harvested at the optimal point with no steaming or high heat which retains virtually all ginseng components. Finally the IL HWA proprietary low heat extraction and lyophilization creates an unmatched product.  

Doctor's know IL HWA is most effective

"I have used IL HWA Ginseng for over 30 years. It is by far the best Ginseng. I have compared it to the Ginseng from many other companies and they simply do not compare. You can even taste the difference. I only recommend IL HWA Ginseng to my patients. When they purchase other brands they do not get the same results. I use only IL HWA Ginseng for myself, my family, and my patients."

Dr. Joseph Carr - Tustin, CA

  "I am in clinical practice for over 16 years. I am very busy as both a Naturopathic Physician and a Doctor of Chinese medicine. I see a lot of people with fatigue and I always recommend them to use IL HWA Ginseng. I also use Ilhwa Ginseng for detox. I have been using IL HWA for myself for over 20 years. I do feel it is a very very good product to use. If people really got what Ginseng does they would be taking it off the shelves."

Dr. Mary Battilocchi- Milford, CT


Ginseng Processing - the IL HWA way:

White Ginseng Extract vs Red Ginseng Extract

Preserving Ginseng Natural Ingredients

Most Ginseng companies process Ginseng into Red Ginseng using a high heat steaming process which is a faster process and increases the Ginsenoside content. However this process virtually eliminates the vitamins and the Germanium and reduces the amino acids and polysacharides. IL HWA White Ginseng is processed from fresh roots without peeling retaining all rootlets using no steam, only sun drying. 

Increasing Ginsenosides

Initially White Ginseng has less ginsenosides than steam processed Red Ginseng. However, IL HWA developed its own proprietary low heat technology to extract White ginseng so effectively that they were able to increase the ginsenoside content of IL HWA White Ginseng extract to an even greater amount than Red Ginseng extract.

Ginsenoside Balance

The miraculous effect of Ginseng on health is the balance of a broad range of ginsenosides in synergy with all the other components.High quality Red Ginseng is normally processed from 6 year old roots. IL HWA found that if they wait to harvest for 6 or more years the ginsenoside balance is not as good as some ginsenosides increase while others decrease.

IL HWA uses the highest quality Ginseng harvested at the optimal time between 4.5 to 5.5 years to obtain the broadest range and balance of ginsenosides.

In summary: As a result of eliminating boiling, steaming and high heat, IL HWA White Ginseng Extract retains most of the amino acids, vitamins and polysaccharides which are lost in other types of preparations. The proprietary and patented extraction process employed by Ilhwa also increases the overall Ginsenoside content compared to Red Ginseng extract. IL HWA's growth, harvesting and processing strategy obtains the best ginsenoside balance.This optimum combination makes IL HWA Ginseng Extract and Ginex the world's most effective ginseng. This is why IL HWA is used and trusted by health care professionals world wide.

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