About Us


One Heart International, Inc. is the rare business organization the bases its operating principles on core philosophical principles. We find that running a business on principles that have value and meaning to higher ideals transforms the quality of life of those who work with us. In addition, our own experience demonstrates that a business driven by core principles constantly generates new opportunities, new possibilities and and markets – more than we could ever imagine.   




The people of One Heart span the globe. They come from every walk of life. Every profession, every background, and from every continent. Our people share the common bond of working for themselves, the community, and ultimately the world.We are inspired by each other. It is the story of individuals who found an opportunity to bring quality products to their friends and family. We are here to help each other to create a family that begins with your neighbors and eventually crosses borders to every nation on the Earth.Each of our stories is unique:

  • Men and women working in South America to improve the lives of orphans.
  • Teachers in Africa helping children lay the foundations for their future.
  • Families in Korea and Japan working together, marketing and selling health products, generating income for themselves and their family.
  • Scientists and medical researchers searching for the gifts of nature that can transform their lives.


We at One Heart International are working hard every day to contribute to the peace, happiness, healthiness and joyful life of every family. Our Mission is based on the mottos "Coexistence and Co-Prosperity" and "Living for the Sake of Others."

To pursue the goal of healthy and happy families, we are advertising and selling the best Ginseng extract – an elixir that has been called “The King of Chinese Medicine” or “Elixir.” Our IL HWA products have developed a reputation as the finest Ginseng extracts in the world.

For more information on our products, please visit our product pages. When you join the One Heart International family, you will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Access to the finest line of IL HWA Ginseng products at a discount.
  • The opportunity to offer your friends and family the healthy benefits of IL HWA Ginseng.
  • The satisfaction knowing that part of all revenues go to helping young people throughout the world.

Please feel free to contact us about your opportunity. There are no obligations. No pressure.

One Heart International… The opportunity to change your life… and change the world.