Newest Innovation in Ginseng: GinST-15

Newest Innovation in Ginseng: GinST-15

IL-HWA is excited to announce its newest Ginseng product that delivers higher efficacy, better absorption, improved taste, and greater value at a fraction of the cost. IL-HWA is the industry leader in Ginseng products and beverages throughout North America and we want our current and future customers to learn about the value of Ginseng and its many health benefits.

Ginseng is a root that grows in the soil, much like a carrot, but at a much slower rate. Some Ginseng is grown for 2 years, while other Ginseng plants are grown for nearly 6 to 7 years. The length of time greatly impacts the quality. Ginseng can be harvested between 2 to 6 years. Many Ginseng companies uses shortcuts to minimize the cost and maximize profits by uprooting Ginseng much earlier than maturity, lowering the effectiveness and quality of their Ginseng Products.

Il-HWA has committed extensive research to finding the best process to grow and extract Ginseng. We use a unique vetting process to ensure that the Ginseng used in our products are of the highest caliber. Il-HWA prides itself in using White and Red Ginseng from South Korea, which is considered the best in strength and effectiveness by many experts. IL-HWA’s GinSt-15 ensures higher absorption, nearly 15 times more than competing products, and nearly 3 times more effective than some of our current products. (Absorption, 3)

IL-Hwa strives to educate our current and future customers on the many health benefits Ginseng promotes and uses certified White and Red Ginseng in our products.

You can feel confident that GinSt-15 and Il-HWA products are grown from the highest quality Ginseng roots to deliver the most efficacy, absorption, and taste throughout the Ginseng market.