GINST 15 Korean Ginseng Granule Tea (30pkts)
GINST 15 Korean Ginseng Granule Tea (30pkts)

GINST 15 Korean Ginseng Granule Tea (30pkts)

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IL HWA GINST 15 Korean Ginseng Granule Tea 90g (3g x 30 pkts)
High Absorption—–IL HWA GINST 15 Korean Ginseng Granule Tea is 4 times faster absorption than regular Ginseng Extract.


Mix one packet of Ginst15 Ginseng Tea with a cup of hot or cold water. Sweeten with honey or sugar to taste. Stir Well.


  • Korean Ginseng Extract 5%
  • Fermented Korean Ginseng Extract 5%
  • Anhydrous Dextrose 90%

Contains no sweetners, dairy, wheat or yeast


GINST 15 Korean Ginseng Granule Tea
Ginst 15 Ginseng Tea mixes Korean ginseng extract with fermented ginseng extract to provide all the benefits of Ginseng with the added absorbability of IH-901. Ginst 15 granules are conveniently packed in single serving packages making it easy to take anywhere. Ginst15 ginseng tea can be enjoyed anywhere and is easily prepared using hot or cold water.
The GINST 15 Story
What if we are able to bypass this problem? That was the question llhwa asked and today we are proud to present our answer, Ginst 15. Using a fermentation process using enzymes, ginsenosides are processed into the same compound that the intestinal microorganisms produce with ginsenosides. Ginst 15 allows ginseng to be taken in the metabolized state ready lor absorption. Thus Ginst 15 is able to deliver the full health benefit of Korean ginseng regardless of intestinal condition, health, or age.
Because no processing is required, Ginst15 is absorbed faster and more in volume than traditional ginseng products. Tests has shown that Ginst 15 extract was absorbed 4 times laster and 15 times more in volume than other leading ginseng products. Ginst 15 showed 27 times more concentration in blood and on average reached peak absorption in little as 2 hours against traditional ginseng’s 12 hour delay.
The name Ginst in Ginst 15 is derived from "Ginseng Science and Technology" while the number 15 represents the 15 times more absorption that Ginst 15 allows over other ginseng products.
Ginsenosides, which are divided into Protopanaxadiol (diol types) or Protopanaxatriol (triol types) are not digested in the stomach like regular food, but are hydrolyzed in the intestine by intestinal microorganisms before being absorbed into the body. Thus the condition of the intestine is an important factor in how much ginsenosides the body is able to process and absorb. A study published in the Korean Society of Food Science and Nutrition Journal 2004 showed that only 62% of the people were capable to process both types of ginsenosides. 20% could process only the Diol Types while 13% could process only the Triol Types. A small group of 5% could not process either kind of ginsenosides. To gain full benefit, the intestine must be able to process both kinds of ginsenosides effectively.