Pure Concentrated Ginseng Tea (30g)
Pure Concentrated Ginseng Tea (30g)

Pure Concentrated Ginseng Tea (30g)

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The purest form of IL HWA ginseng tea, made from fresh, whole, fully matured ginseng roots in an exclusive low temperature process. Watch our video to learn more about IL HWA Korean White Ginseng.

30g bottle

100% Pure Ginseng Extract


WORLD’S #1 IL HWA PURE GINSENG TEA 100% EXTRACT minimum 13% Ginsenosides

Ilhwa Ginseng Extract creates a tea that will truly improve your health and strengthen your vigor and immunity. There are 100's of thousands of people worldwide who say Ilhwa Ginseng extract is one of the main reasons they are so healthy. Many have overcome serious health challenges.

ILHWA has been perfecting the process of creating the world’s most efficacious ginseng for over 40 years. Ilhwa became the world leader in Ginseng Science through establishing a scientific research center in 1981. The premium grade ILHWA White Ginseng Extract is a 100% pure extract of undiluted ginseng produced via a low degree vacuum concentrating process, using only high quality Korea White ginseng as its raw material. Ilhwa Ginseng extract has 3 to 4 times the ginsenoside content compared to other ginsengs.

Ilhwa uses only the root and does not try to increase the ginsenoside content by adding stems and leaves like other companies. This is a big difference. Ilhwa White Ginseng roots are sun dried and does not use high heat steaming like other companies creating Red Ginseng. In White Ginseng all of the key ingredients are retained - 7 vitamins, 18 minerals, Germanium, 7 essential amino acids, 8 non essential amino acid plus phenols and polysacharides.


Ilhwa's Proprietary Vacuum Extraction process slowing introduces low heat which expand the number of different ginsenosides. The ginseng roots are carefully cultivated and grown and harvested at the optimal time at 4 years and occasionally 5 years. This whole process is a combination of art and science that ILHWA has mastered which creates an extract completely balance and efficacious. This is superior to any other company in the world.